Several Options But Only One Permanent Method



Hair Removal: Several Options But Only One Permanent Method

As a consumer concerned about unwanted hair removal, it is important to first seek basic knowledge about available products. Both hair texture and skin, along with the amount of hair to be removed should be factors when determining which method works best for you.

For more than 200 years, women especially, have been concerned about hair removal and exploring different methods. To date, since understanding the hair cycle and growth, ways to remove hair has fast forwarded to the latest technology available by electrolysis for hair removal. Efforts to keep unwanted hair under control by waxing, laser, depilatories, tweezing and shaving have caused serious concern for ingrowns, discoloration, and/or stimulating more hair growth.


Electrolysis is the oldest method and the only permanent hair removal. It is FDA approved as the only permanent hair removal. Eliminates any hair and treats all skin color. There is no other hair removal method that can claim universal success. Each hair rooted is individually treated and destroyed. Electrolysis eliminates all type hair textures and skin types. It is effective and cost-containment when compared with other hair removal methods. After treatment, clients can return to work, school or complete their daily activities without discomfort or notice of treatment. Electrolysis must be performed by an electrologist for best results. Home electrolysis kits are discouraged. Signs of discoloration and burning may result to permanent disfigurement. Electrolysis allows both males and females of all ages with different lifestyles to have an active and enjoyable life with clear, smooth , hair-free skin.

Laser is the most recent technology designed for hair removal. It covers large areas in a timely fashion. Laser is not treatment for everyone. Women of color, gray hair or of coarse texture are limited. The light rays from laser does not detect color nor does it destroy distorted, curled hair roots often referred to as "coarse" hair. Laser covers large areas and is a hair removal method that last longer but is not permanent nor is it approved by  FDA for permanent hair removal.

Shaving is recommended as the best do-it-yourself method. It is inexpensive and suggested method if unable to have electrolysis. Less hair cells are stimulated for growth and it leaves the area smoother. On the other hand, more time is spent shaving, bumping is at risk and ingrown hairs are common.

Tweezing is a quick process but painful and time consuming. When hair breaks below the skin, ingrowns are a high risk with bumping, piercing skin and infection. This method also stimulates more hair growth. While it is inexpensive, fast and it takes longer for hairs to grow back, it is also considered the worse method to use for hair removal. Using tweezers is appropriate for small areas such as eyebrows. There are more disadvantages in tweezing than the use of other methods because plucking can be painful, cause ingrowns, discoloration, infection, and stimulate other hair cells for growth. Often times after tweezing a hair with a small white ball on the end, we become excited at the sight of removing a hair root. Unfortunately, this is not the case since roots are embedded with connective tissue.


Waxing, technically, is the same as tweezing but covers larger areas during treatment. Waxing is prominent for bikini lines, legs, underarms and back area. Professional waxing is expensive compared to other hair removal treatments. It is highly suggested to get treatment in a salon first to watch before doing it yourself at home. People with sensitive skin, moles or skin irritation from sunburns should avoid waxing,. Even though waxing leaves the skin smooth, it is known to have temporary redness, bumping and discomfort.

Depilatories removes hair from the skin's surface. Application for creams or liquids work quick and are inexpensive in local drugstores or grocery stores. Following directions is paramount for best results and to avoid allergic reaction to the chemical ingredients and/or burning. Different formulas are made for both face and body. Applying depilatories can be time consuming, messy and presents an unpleasant odor. Strict attention is a must to sensitive skin and coarse hairs which could result into a rash, inflammation or may not be effective.



About Electrolysis Global Image

Electrolysis Global Image is the premier permanent hair removal center in Nashville, and was established in 2005 to address concerns of those wanting permanent hair removed. For the past century, electrolysis has advanced to the leading hair removal method and remains the only permanent hair removal method approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration.

For almost ten years, Owner and Electrologist Ellen Leonard-Pugh has been an Electrology specialist in the Nashville metropolitan area. She attended the American Institute of Education in Long Beach, California for electrology training and graduated from the University of District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. Ellen is licensed by the State of Tennessee with certification from the International Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal. She holds membership in the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal, The American Electrology Association, and The Tennessee Electrologist Society.

Ellen is passionate in offering effective and quality services in a cost-effective manner. Ellen feels that the pre and post treatment is essential for effective treatment and outcome. Treatment education is a priority as well as the cooperation of the client to do their part for best results. Ellen distinguishes between the two types of treatment: controlling hair growth and permanent hair removal.

A native Nashvillian, Ellen believes in educating and providing electrolysis treatment where little is known about permanent hair removal. After years of personal experience with unwanted hair and seeing family members both men and women agonize over issues that surround unwanted hair removal, Ellen is proud to have the answers for treating females, males and transgenders of all skin and hair types.


Deciding to remove facial or body hair is a personal choice. But caring for your skin is essential for all who want smooth, clear and healthy skin. To enhance and achieve your natural and healthy glowing skin, call Electrolysis Global Image.

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